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Acrylic Refrigerator Organizer with Lid

Original price ₱399.75 - Original price ₱399.75
Original price ₱399.75
₱399.75 - ₱399.75
Current price ₱399.75

Size: One Size

● Landmark Fridge Organizer with Lid 32x16.5x15cm
● Dimensions: 32x16.5x15cm
● Durable and BPA Free ● shatter resistant material.
● Food is 100% safe BPA free clean by hand wash using dish soap and water.
● These are heavy duty and can hold a lot of food and will not bend when removing from the fridge.
● This storage bins optimize space for fridge, freezer and pantry organization.
● Increases awareness for storing different types of food and kitchen items; provides a clean look for your refrigerator and pantry.