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Toilet Paper Roll Holder 4kg White

Original price ₱199.75 - Original price ₱199.75
Original price ₱199.75
₱199.75 - ₱199.75
Current price ₱199.75

Size: One Size

Landmark Toilet Paper Roll Holder with Adhesive 11x17cm White 4kg

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Powerful and non-marking wall suction towel rack (long) Shower Towel Shelf is a multi-purpose rack, intimately designed protective film absorption plate bubble film fastening screw cover.
  • Comes with secret glue, strong absorption, durable and reliable.
  • The base film is made of tough resin, which has good flatness and high torsional strength, which ensures the stability during repeated use.
  • The elastic EVA gasket can isolate air and water vapor, so that the film has a long lasting and good airtightness.
  • This product is suitable for hard and smooth ceramic tiles, glass, metal, plastic, and other dry and airtight surfaces.